Thursday, September 11, 2008

Open Garden at Helidon

and Native Plant Sales
There's a new event on Carnival Saturday - next Saturday 20th September - which will interest lovers of Native Plants.
Helen Howard, of 62 Helendale Drive, Helidon Spa is opening her garden for the day. She has a lovely garden featuring rare plants, but especially Grevilleas. I expect it will be a mass of beautiful flowers.
Helen is also hosting a native plant sale on the day, with a number of stallholders selling their native plant wares. This is an event not to be missed!
Helidon is twenty miles east of Toowoomba, an the highway from Brisbane. Helen's home is in
Helendale Drive, which is west of Helidon proper, between it and the Helidon Spa. The street leads directly off northern side of the highway, and its name can be clearly seen from there.
Contact : Helen Howard Tel:46977418 Mob: 0447 199 462

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