Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Win for Biodiversity

in the Charles and Motee Rogers Reserve
   Those of you who wrote letters and spoke to our local councillors on behalf of this reserve will be as pleased as I am, to hear that they have been convinced by the public interest in this issue (and, one hopes, by the justice of our cause). This morning eight of them voted against the plan by TRC’s Infrastructure staff to put a path through this reserve. (Only Carol Taylor and John Gouldson voted in its favour.)

   The plan is now to put the path entirely on the roadside precinct, leaving the reserve intact.

   It seems that (contrary to reports in the local paper, the High Country News, that 15 mature trees on the footpath would have to be removed if this option were chosen,)  no trees will have to be removed after all. Instead, roots of mature trees will be protected by raising the path and installing a retaining wall and fence.

   The decision seems likely to come as a surprise to whose belief that the councillors would decide in favour of the path through the reserve was published in the High Country News this week.
http://highfieldsvillage.com.au/community/high-country-news/ (See Page 2)

  The newspaper also reported the belief of Mike Brady, General Manager Infrastructure Services Group, TRC, (apparently based on an assumption that the councillors would vote in favour of the path through the reserve), that further encroachment into the reserve will occur “within the next ten years”, for the purpose of converting O’Brien Road into a four-lane road.

  This is an issue for the future.

Those interested to see the plan of the new footpath can find it at
Scroll down the page to related documents and click on
(zf) Infrastructure Committee - 11 March 2014 - Agenda
This gives you an adobe file. The two proposed path plans are about 3/4 of the way through the document, with the chosen option being the second of the two.

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