Monday, September 26, 2016

Volunteers Wanted, Thursday Mornings

Crows Nest Community Nursery
Depot Road, Crows Nest (35 minutes' drive from Toowoomba).

Crows nest Community Nursery is Toowoomba Regional Council's 
It specialises in growing the native plants of the Toowoomba Region. 
It opens from 9.00am to 1.00pm every Thursday.
Customers include those who buy in ones and twos for their gardens, and those who buy in thousands for large revegetation projects.
The plants include koala food plants, bird and butterfly-friendly plants, bush tucker, windbreak and honey tree species, and fire retardant plants for people who live in bush-fire-risk areas.

There are also plenty of our ornamental, but little-known, local native species, for the customers who just want something pretty.
 Velvet beauty berry, Callicarpa pedunculata
 Batwing Coral Tree, Erythrina numerosa
 Quinine bush, Petalostigma pachyphyllum

Staffing consists of one TRC-employed manager, and  a team of volunteers. 
There is no formal roster. Volunteers turn up as it suits them. The result is that there are usually between 6 and 10 volunteers on any given Thursday. 
Some are Crows Nest Residents, but most come out from Toowoomba, with some car-pooling to save petrol costs and to have company on the drive.
The nursery is becoming so popular that the volunteers have trouble keeping up with the work that could be done. So do consider joining the happy team!
Volunteers collect seed, store it in the seed bank, plant it, pot the seedlings on as they become ready, grow cuttings, tend the plants on the shelves, and generally do all the little tasks that keep the nursery running smoothly.

No experience needed. There are jobs for people with no prior knowledge of gardening and plants, and jobs for those with more expertise.
 All you need to do is to turn up at the nursery after 9.00am on a Thursday.
Alternatively, you could contact the manager, Lisa Churchward at TRC,
for more information. 
To find the Nursery:
Approaching Crows Nest from the south (i.e. from the Toowoomba direction), slow down at the 80 sign and take the first turn right into Industrial Avenue.
Follow the green street signs (which say NURSERY). 

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