Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun in Franke’s Scrub

Our weeding day in Franke’s Scrub was blessed with perfect winter weather - the sky was cloudless, and the wind had forgotten how to blow.
The little birds were very much more in evidence than usual, perhaps because there has been enough rain to fill the little waterhole at the bottom of the gully.
We spent out time getting rid of asparagus weed - light work for the most part, on small seedlings, but lots of it.
There were signs of spring, in the flowers on an unidentified species of Parsonsia, and the half-grown fruits of the sandalwood, Santalum lanceolatum.
I got accused of not working hard enough, as I was trying to take photos for the Frankes scrub blogsite ( but couldn’t resist keeping this one for my own. She was doing good work, in there!

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