Thursday, September 10, 2009

Australian Dogwood

Jacksonia scoparia

This elegant little tree is so obviously suitable for suburban gardens that it’s surprising we don’t see more of it, here.
This is about as tall as it grows. As it gets older it fills out a little and gets a sturdier trunk, but always remains a rather slender plant.

It’s very hardy, and highly ornamental in spring when it gets smothered in these fragrant pea-flowers.
The common name is said to come from the highly unattractive smell of the timber, if used as firewood. It is a fire-retardant species, so presumably makes poor firewood anyway!
It is drought and frost hardy, and prefers to grow on hillsides or in well-drained soil. It likes to be pruned after flowering, but doesn’t really need it. You can plant this one, and leave it alone forever.

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