Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bright and Cheerful Twin-leaf

Roepera apiculata (Zygophyllum apiculatum)

One of the delights about living in this part of the world is that even in winter - and there’s no doubt the plant world is having a rest just now - there are always plants in flower.

At Irongate, the twin-leaf is blooming and abuzz with insects, which are no doubt grateful for the plentiful supply of pollen and nectar, in this season when flowers are in short supply.

This caper gull Cepora perimale (showing its winter colours) didn’t much like being followed by a photographer trying to get up close, but wasn’t going to let itself be chased away from the twin-leaf patch all the same.

For more on this plant of our Darling Downs blacksoil, see August 2008

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