Friday, October 29, 2010

Clearwing Butterfly

Cressida cressida

I took these photos last week at Perseverance Dam.
What a lovely butterfly! (It was once chosen to feature on an Australian postage stamp.)

Although common up north, this butterfly is not often seen in this district because of the rarity of suitable host plants for the caterpillars.

This one, a male, is most likely to have spent its childhood as a caterpillar munching the leaves of a cressida butterfly vine Aristolochia meridionalis.

For more on that plant, see January 15, 2010

Butterfly Plants for Poverty

Interested in growing plants to attract butterflies?
There’s a new nursery at Buaraba - set in a very beautiful garden - which sells suitable plants and raises money for charity from the proceeds.
They are having an open day on 21 November - a day worth marking on your calendar.
For directions to get there, see

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