Thursday, July 21, 2011

Native Daisies in the Main Street

Senecio pinnatifolius

I was very surprised to see this yellow daisy growing in Ruthven Street. A local native plant in the main street of Toowoomba is a rare sight indeed!

I wondered whether it had sneaked in by itself, or whether it had been planted by someone who could see how very well it would fit into this designed garden in front of an inner-city church.

Our native yellowtops are one of the bright notes of winter, in this district.
I do think our tree-planted main street is an improvement on the “tar and cement” we used to have, but I was reflecting on how sad and bedraggled the deciduous trees looked when I spotted the daisies.
They were like a breath of honest fresh air, “representing the season” as it really is here in Toowoomba - a pleasing contrast to the “wannabe English” look of the trees.
For more on this gardenworthy local native plant, see Sep 2008

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