Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fire Pea

Tephrosia bidwillii

We have very few local plants with bright orange flowers.

This pretty little fellow was flowering last week.

It's a herb which grows among grasses in open woodlands on our local black soils, (often on hillsides), as well as on sandstone soils.

The plant looks as though it might have potential in gardens. So far as I know, no attempt has been made to cultivate it, so little is known of its growth habit.
Has anyone out there grown it? I'd like to hear from you!

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Pamela McCullagh said...

Hello, Yes I have planted a Kangaroo Apple - 12 months ago - as a filler plant while some gum trees started growing, in a damp area in our garden. I live in Bowral NSW and it had been growing beautifully but un fortunately after all the rain we have had, it had been sitting in water for some time and now is definitely dying! I am going to try cutting it back and see what happens. I'm quite aware of having the plant in the garden but I must say it had been looking wonderful! Pam