Sunday, August 27, 2017

Frost Feedback Please

Several posts ago, I published lists of plants which are claimed to resist frosts of various degrees of hardness. The lists are based on my own experience, in a light frost area near the Range, as well as on other people's gardens in various areas.
Now that the frost season is almost over, can you tell me how your plants went? 
Your experiences could be valuable to other local people, who would like to know which  plants are worth trying on frosty sites.
 As  you'll notice from the comments at the end of the blog, a Meringandan resident found that several little plants, of species that are claimed to resist hard frost, didn't survive in her garden. They might be worth retaining for a whileall the same, to see whether they are still alive and will regrow. Some of those plants are surprisingly tough, and will bounce back if watered and cared for in spring once the danger of frost is over.
Meanwhile, I have added a comment to my list below that they apparently need protection from the frost while very small.

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