Sunday, September 7, 2008

Comments on Nestboxes

Further to my June article on hollow trees for wildlife, reader Dylan has added this comment:
I was wondering if people out there have more info on nestboxes for wildlife? I have made 5 so far and plan to make many more. But, before I make more I wonder what others have done and what works well in your experience in terms of size of box, entrance hole size and location, materials used, height in trees, etc etc.
Are there good websites out there or blogs that I should know about? I haven't done much searching yet, so if anyone knows of one or a list of them, please do share. (I will then add my photos too..)
Nestboxes are not something I have tried. Are there any readers have experimented with them, and can give us some helpful tips?
Do you have any residents in your five boxes yet, Dylan?


Dyllos said...

Yes, I do have residents. I put up my first box in Aug 2007 and in early Dec my Mum noticed some sticks or leaves sticking out. When I arrived (I had been overseas since Aug) in mid Dec I bought along a strong torch and sat and waited quietly at dusk. As it darkened and my eyes had adjusted, I saw a darkening outside the entrance. I shone the torch up there and to my excitement saw a possum. She {I guess] was initially scared and went back into the box, but came out shortly afterwards and I captured some photos - I think it is a bushy tailed possum. (While I was sitting there another evening, I heard noise above my head in the trees and discovered 2 much smaller possums with long tails - they were the size of large rats - not sure the species name). That led me to construct some smaller boxes as well as another large one. I had to leave early Jan but put them up the day before I left. My Mum has since reported seeing possum activity in the new large one and bird activity at one of the smaller ones. She says the possums come and go (concurring with literature she had read). Some of the boxes are quite high up and spread out, so Mum doesn't monitor half of them - I move there soon and will do.. exciting..

Here are some photos I hope you can access:

Patricia Gardner said...

Great to hear, Dylan. Do keep me up to date.