Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dwyers Scrub Conservation Park

I was shown a new place to look at plants, this week. Dwyers Scrub at Rockmount (South east of Toowoomba) has a lovely patch of semi-deciduous vine scrub on basalt soil. It contains a very interesting and rich variety of dry rainforest species which are a delight to see, and one of the reasons why the area has been declared a reserve. (The other is that it is a habitat for the rare black-breasted button quail.)
I was particularly taken with the bottle trees. We most often see these trees out in the open, either as planted specimens or as remnants left when an area of scrub is cleared. While they can be very attractive - or interesting, depending on your point of view - they are nothing on the “real thing”. Here is a tree looking comfortably at home. Its graceful shape has been influenced by the plants growing around it which have caused it to reach for the sky, and it has a number of epiphytes taking advantage of its rough bark.

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