Thursday, January 22, 2009

Franke Scrub Working Bee

and meeting with the TRCs Director of Engineering Services
Will you join us at Franke Scrub, (Highfields), this Wednesday?
The working bee is to start early (8.00am) because of the hot weather, and we are going to tackle the asparagus fern.
The heaviest jobs involve digging out the roots of large, established vines. The lightest need only a finger and thumb and a very small tool such as a kitchen knife, and involve weeding out tiny seedlings. A container to put the roots in as you work is helpful, as they cannot be left on the ground to regrow.
Secateurs are very helpful, and we hope you’ll bring morning tea and a chair, for our break at 9.30.
Meeting with Jed Brennan.
Jed is the Director of Engineering Services on the Toowoomba Regional Council, and is coming out to the scrub to talk to us about its future. We had reason to be concerned, recently that it would be destroyed by roadbuilding. Jed tells us that this is not so, and will bring maps and answer questions.
Meanwhile it’s a good opportunity to see what is happening in the scrub this season. Is our favourite leopard ash in fruit? Come along and see.
For further details, including instructions on how to get there, see

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