Thursday, May 28, 2009

Narrow-leafed Orangebark

Denhamia silvestris (Maytenus silvestris)
This little plant, on the rainforest edge beside the track at Ravensbourne, is fruiting its heart out, despite being only knee-high.
It does get larger, but rarely much more than waist height, and is a very useful little plant for gardens. It’s natural environment is in wet Eucalypt forests on our redsoil. It doesn’t seem to mind root competition, and seems happiest where it’s shaded for part of the day.
With much shade it can get leggy, but it bushes up well with an annual prune. This can stimulate it to sucker, so it can get quite dense.
For best growth it likes a mulch of leaf litter.
This is one of the dry rainforest plants that can be bought at the Crows Nest community Nursery, one of our best sources of local native plants.
It is open on Thursday mornings, and it’s best to ring Steve Plant in advance (0417 193 665), just to make sure, before you drive all the way out there.

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