Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yellow Pittosporum

Pittosporum revolutum
What lovely, fat fruits this plant has. They are bigger and wartier than those of other pittosporums, and have spent months looking attractive as they have ripened from green. At last they have burst open, and the seeds are ready for planting, so I can grow more of these rewarding plants.
They are smaller shrubs than the other pittosporums, rarely getting to more than head-height. They have shiny dark green leaves, and make good screen plants.
A friend has his own name for the plant - “hairy pits” - a reference to its softly hairy new growth, another attractive feature.
The plants are said to be iron-hungry, but I find they show no signs of deficiency on my snuffy red soil. I have found them to be drought resistant - mine were planted three years ago, and are almost to shoulder height, despite having been given no water after the first few months of their lives.
They are understorey plants and I put them in under taller trees, where they haven’t had to cope with more than light frosts.

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