Monday, December 13, 2010

Crinkle Bush

Lomatia silaifolia
The Crinkle Bushes are flowering unusually well this year, on the roadside between Hampton and Pechey.

These curious plants are related to Grevilleas, and as you can see, the flowers look rather like grevilleas, but with petals.
The flowers are said to be fly-repellant, and for that reason, some people plant them close to the house. Others claim that the sweet-smelling flowers give them a headache, so this is something to be considered when siting plants in the garden.
They are fast-growing plants, shown below at Peacehaven Botanic Park, already at their full height.


Ozibird said...

Thanks, Trish. I was travelling through the Crows Nest/Hampton district and saw these flowering everywhere. I wondered what they were.

Patricia Gardner said...

Nice to hear from you, Ozibird.
They are lovely plants, aren't they?
Merry Christmas.