Monday, December 13, 2010

Native Raspberry Fruit

Rubus parvifolius
Usually considered the most humble of our local raspberry species, in dry years this one puts out very few fruit indeed. It's a very drought hardy plant, typically living in dry grasslands rather than the rainforest habitat of most of its relatives, and is rarely given the chance to show its true ability.

This year, however, this plant at Peacehaven Botanic park has fruited magnificently, demonstrating just what it can do, given the kind of watering that this plant has had naturally from this year's rain.

It is possibly the most tasty of all Australia’s native raspberries - delicious.

For photos of the same plant in flower, see October.


Georgia said...

Great stuff Patricia. We moved up here earlier this year and your blog is one of the more interesting ways to get an introduction to the plants around here. Enjoy reading back through your entries & looking forward to new, current stuff for a real time explaination of whats out there to see.

Patricia Gardner said...

Nice to hear from you, Georgia. There really is amazing variety out there, isn't there.
Merry Christmas.